Saturday, January 31, 2015

Photos in pairs, shared while I am on my way to England

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          The photos I have saved for this weekend's blog are in pairs.  Initially I saw this pairing in terms of how we often see a photo as being about one unique thing, but, when we see two or more versions, somehow the image become part of a bigger picture, so to speak.  Then, during this time of making preparations to go on a trip, I began to see how pairing speaks to my current condition.  On the one hand, I am pulled to stay and tap into the energy I have going at home.  But I also know I usually love the new experiences possible at my destination.  In other words, it's all about the tug of digging into daily life vs going for adventure and a time without routine.
        Oh well, that paragraph is pretty wordy for something that is going to happen no matter what spin I put on it!!  I am flying to England tonight after this 6 (!) hour layover in Atlanta.  I will be spending a week with my British stepmother, in the Cotswolds.  I have shown photos before on this blog of that place, with its wonderful light year round.  Next week I will have some more to show, I am sure.
          By the way, here's a shout out to the Atlanta airport for installing free wifi as of last June.  And placing a few plugs in the floor next to very comfortable chairs, all in a low key section near my gate, with few announcements to interrupt whatever chain of thought I can muster after leaving home early this morning....  

      A. two similars, but different, and I include these because so often birds come to this black walnut tree and stay around long enough for me to get them in different poses.

      B.  I loved this tree in the evening sky, but I think it needs the church it keeps company with.

      C. Some friends walking up from the edge of Cave Run Lake, before seeing me, and after....  This was in September, during the annual Cave Run Storytelling Festival. (This is also a test to see how long it takes for one of them to take a look at this post on my blog!)

      D.  Now the youngest grandchildren, first in Massachusetts, at Christmas:

       E. and next from Colorado, over Thanksgiving, quickly shifting moods and moments:

          F.   Marie Bradby, in my writers group, brought her recently completed revised draft of her young adult novel to our monthly meeting in November!!  BRAVO!
Her very first book, More Than Anything Else, may be in your local library - it continues to get recognition and mention. It is a picture book about Booker T. Washington's intense childhood desire to learn to read against all odds.

          I am especially pleased with what I'd call her "serious smile," captured in this second photo. 

        G.  Now two pairs, from home.  First the snake swallowing the egg photo, in the hens' nest, which definitely needs to be paired with that same egg, rescued, with the snake not killed but departed.  I don't think the slime shows up well enough, however, in this format.  Thank you, Frank!

         To finish up, two photos from Monday evening. I stopped on our ridge so that the car following me could catch up as we got close to making the same turn.  I got out and took a photo looking ahead, and then, looking back, one of the car behind.  I guess it is obvious I love photos that tell a story.  I also love it that there is not much traffic on that road!!  

      I know I usually post on Sundays, but if I post a day early, like right now, it is a sure thing for this week.  So enjoy!  Meanwhile, safe travels to me, and to everyone, with thanks for hanging out with me at the airport.  I now need to go for a good long walk about. 


  1. thanks for sending these early.
    love the pairings. full of meanings added by your juxtapositioning.
    awesome productivity despite travel

  2. Wonderful photos! Have a good trip, too.


  3. I love photos that tell stories, too, Ann. I hope your stay in Eng. goes well & you get lots of photos! xoxo