Saturday, February 7, 2015

England, quiet moments

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       I have been in the Cotswolds for a week, where I managed to stay warm but also managed to have a rotator cuff (shoulder) injury -- which kept me from 1) sleeping too much, 2) carrying my heavy camera around, and, therefore, 3) doing too much photography.  I am better now, thanks to the help from the pharmacist  -- here they are actually encouraged to give advice -- and thanks to an appointment today with a local osteopath, who is terrific.  I see hope for making it across the ocean tomorrow, now that my week in England is done.
       However, I couldn't not take any photos.  SO I did two things.  (And it will take two posts to show the results of my strategy.)  For the first, I used an improvised bean bag in the window of the guest room I was in to do a version of street photography: i.e. me looking across the street through the window.  I am even including a photo of the window I used - looking back from across the street.  For the other, I used my trusty iPhone to take photos of some of the shops in town, of which there are many.  I have been going to these shops multiple times doing errands for my stepmother since she can't get out so well any more -- some food from the Coop grocery store, some plants and veggies from the Green Grocer, some postage stamps, some meat from the butcher, etc.  And I discovered the new bookstore in town and visited there, twice.  

       So, today, the street photography!
early, the first morning

Please notice the snow on the, to me, fascinating thatched roof.. Yes, it was nippy out.
later that day, the thatch now dried off

driver of the Royal Mail red truck

"My" window is the one on the lower left.
  I would have liked to catch the students on the way to school, but I did not. There were lots more people walking a dog, or dogs.  No one seemed to notice me. I could have taken many more photos, but it is not why I am here.

     I have saved this fellow for last just so I can say that "I am running out of time".  I need to pack and all that.  Next week I will go back to posting on Sundays, but for now, I hope you enjoy this day early post. 


  1. wonderful to see your eyes at work in a very different setting.
    thatched roofs are delightful to observe; the maintenance is something else.
    hope you feel better soon

  2. I especially liked the thatched roofs and your crosshairs shots! Hope to see you before long. Heal that shoulder. xoxo