Sunday, October 25, 2015

foliage sharing

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       Fall seems to peak around here for 4 or 5 days every year, and NOW IS WHEN, for 2015.  I love the glory of it all.  For all blog visitors who live where there is not much fall, I hope today's post will give a taste of this place at this time. I might link the post from a year ago, as well, and compare the time and the type to this year.  

FIRST, over at my Gallery, just a flavor, to get us started:

This building is not my gallery. It used to be a horse barn, as seen from my gallery!

 SECOND, near the house:

looking toward the house, with my back to the next photo

our nearest neighbors, on the "main" road

the path to the pond, with the barn behind me
the barn roof

THIRD, along the ridge road, from a single pull-the-car-over-to-the-side point:



Well, I will have to do a second post next Sunday instead of more today. This gets to be a bit much all at one time. The season presents the special challenge of keeping one's photography gear in good shape - batteries charged, camera well oiled (so to speak), etc. -  and the photographer well hydrated and well fed, in order to keep up with the beauty.  One must also, if at all possible, leave extra time during any drive to anywhere, and bring the camera if that is how you see things better, which is what happens to me.  Enjoy!

our front steps as seen yesterday from inside the house


  1. Lovely, Ann. My favorite season is the one I am in at any given moment.

  2. These photos are almost as pretty as seeing it in person- magical fall beauty.