Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween revisited

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     I think my best bet for today is to republish last year's Halloween post, including its admonistion to get out and VOTE.  Here in Kentucky this Tuesday we are choosing our next governor. Those of you who are not regular viewers may not know whom I will be voting for, but you can guess by which candidate shows up at the end of this post from a year ago...
      Another reason for my decision to use last year's post is my recent laptop upgrade along with additional memory.  I have had email hook-up problems AND no access to my usual tools for downloading my photos and producing a post!  I need more time to calm down, refigure things, and have hope.
      So enjoy this blast from the past, as if a year ago didn't just happen!

post #215, Nov. 1, 2014:
[He is saying] "Well, here she comes again, with that black thing in her face!"
    I saw this goat on my way to visit my clever neighbors who always have an amazing Halloween display.  The family hay ride and party had to take place two weeks ago, but LUCKILY two of their creative creatures were still there to greet me the day after Halloween:


 The leaves have been changing all through October.  Here below are three photos from last week:

fallen leaves on the driveway, facing the way we "leaf home":

the barn, behind the sycamore

the chicken house/tool shed building, with forestry sign

       My milkweed project lasted a year [2013], but I have been keeping an eye on the plants this year as well, out of habit.  I have seen hardly any of the fluffy, sailing seeds!  This year would have been a bust as far as following the plants month after month.  
      Then, just the other day, I noticed a single milkweed plant in a totally unexpected location, with seeds opening!  At last.  I took this first photo Thursday evening, with its lovely sedate artistic display. 
      This second photo was taken after our Friday night storm: wind! rain! first freeze!

       Many thanks to someone for the comment on my blog last week about my letter to the editor!  I'm sorry not to be able to write back, but I don't see an email address when the comments are sent to me to review before being published.  
       The sun is shining today which is why I decided I would not continue my blog review until next weekend.  I want to get outside!!  But I do have one last democracy directive to throw your way.  The election is soon, on Tuesday, though the political shenanigans continue.  My hope is that if enough people get to the polls to vote, Kentucky might actually elect Secretary of State Alison Grimes to be our US Senator and change the course of history.    
      Alison came to nearby Morehead Thursday night, for some speech giving and photo taking.  She could so entirely do a great job as our US Senator.  I will be calmer next week once this whole thing is decided.  

       PLEASE VOTE, where ever you are, and bring a friend with you!!  We need to make a special effort this year to do so to honor the many citizens who are being shut out from voting because of repeated Republican attempts to make it harder to pass muster at the poles, despite hardly any voter fraud anywhere in the nation.  In Kentucky, we also need to honor the convicted felons who have done their time but remain blocked from voting! 

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  1. I love the goat looking at the black thing in her face and the way we leaf!
    Power to the update!