Saturday, October 3, 2015

late summer, hanging out with a leaf, and more pump views

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      Greetings this Saturday night from our goldenrod patch. This summer, the mowing around here has been cut back, so to speak, and wonders have emerged.  One person's weeds and allergy prompts can be seen as lovely by gardners in other places.  It all depends on one's inclination, I guess, and on where a person lives.  Also, I read that ragweed, which blooms at the same time, is most likely the allergy source. Note: goldenrod is the Kentucky State Flower, which is nothing to sneeze at!!
       My neighbor, Bonnie, however, always has a "real garden", and I went over one evening to take a few photos for her.  I love, love, love what happens over there.

       Up by the mailbox, I became interested in the the round hole in the porch wall of this empty building, looking through to the beyond.  It was sprinkling that day, so I didn't get totally carried away.  Even so, two felines appeared, unbidden, and I did what I could with the time I had. Had I moved to go change my lens, they would have been gone.

    Walking back down to my house, I had a chance to take this view, which I often show in the deep autumn's beauty.  Here is just late summer, but there has been a yellow leaf. Hanging. By a thread. For days.  Find it in the following photos....

        I say thanks to Melva and Steve for the two pump comments from last week, so here are some additional views, labeled C, D, and E.  I rarely pose anything that I take. I like the challenge of seeing it as is, if the light will work with me.


        NEW INFORMATION, 10/5/15: My college roommate freshman year became a scholar of ancient Chinese history, and she shared with me that "the shape of the wooden piece is that of the tops of ancient chinese wells, and of the [written] character for well."  Thanks, Meg!  I think that it just happens to look that way by chance, since this is an improvised pump repair by Frank.....  It's always refreshing to learn something new from something that is simply worn out.


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  1. The pump is painted green? And what is the wooden thing tied to the top of it for? To keep the insides in when you use it?