Sunday, September 27, 2015

more about Morehead, a multi-faceted community!

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       Another annual special event in this northeast corner of Kentucky is the Cave Run Storytelling Festival, which always takes place the last weekend in September in two big tents on the shores of Cave Run Lake. This year's 17th annual festival is again under the auspices of the Morehead Tourism Commission.
       I was there to help yesterday with the food booth sponsored by the Morehead Chapter of KFTC (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth) but I made a few photos when I could. We had periods of rain, which our area needs badly, but after so many dry weeks, it was hard not to wonder why we didn't have just two more nice days of sun. 
        First to be shown: the two big tents and the lake during a presentation by one of the 8 fantastic national storytellers there for the weekend. (That said because the whole crowd is inside the tent!)  On Thursdays and Fridays, both tents are in use, with school groups coming from all around to enjoy hearing good stories really well told.

Leatherwood Tent, used all three days

overlooking Cave Run Lake
listening in comfort -- when it wasn't raining

Can you find the storyteller on the front stage??
listening, I believe, to Donald Davis!!  Is that right, Mary Jane??

      For the next "chapter" of this blog, I decided to show the action during the prep time for the KFTC booth.  Lisa had some help from their 5 month old son, and I thought they were both amazing. The homemade pies were ultimately priced at $3 a slice, because they were definitely gourmet.  Thanks, Joy!  The cushaw squash pie was even made with a homegrown cushaw.  I don't know yet how much we raised in support of KFTC, but it all helps in building an even better Kentucky.

      I will end today with two versions of the same photo that I took in our yard, of the trusty green well pump.  It gets used occasionally, but luckily we don't have to rely on it.  I was experimenting with how to see it, and I will continue to experiment. It seems to be the only way I ever learn anything. Any comments about seeing something in new ways are always welcome.  



       Now I have to finish this post for today because this afternoon the Cave Run Symphony Orchestra is giving one of its four performances of the year, at the Morehead Conference Center at 3 pm, and I want to be there.  Community members, a guest conductor and two days of rehearsals can provide a very rich sound and I say bravo to all!
        I guess this whole post is a shameless effort to continue to show the diversity and community involvement in Morehead and the area after the recent harsh spotlight on the community in the national and even the international press. Progress is a lurch here, a lurch there, and it requires people talking with each other and believing in possiblities. 
        Thanks as always for visiting here.  Ann


  1. I don't know as I prefer one well pump photo to the other but it is certainly interesting to see how different the horizon fits into each, the difference in the yellow goldenrod and the white stonecrop.

    Glad to know more is going on in your region than politics of marriage licensing! x0x0