Sunday, January 10, 2016

a whole post about a single pond

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      Greetings from southeastern Kentucky, in McCreary County, where I am visiting my friend, Peg, for a few days. She lives surrounded by forest and by her farm, which is also the location of her B & B, Farm House Inn.  Friday she drove me around in her "Mule", a very handy mode of transportation on forest trails. It can hold at least three people or instead one person and several big dogs.... 

       I had intended today to show a variety of photos from my stay, like I have done after other visits here, but this time we came across some unexpected misty magic! I am not sure photos can capture the wonder of it, but it is worth a try. Video might have been better suited for sharing what we were seeing, but I wasn't equipped to do that. So here is our first view of the pond, unexpectedly covered with mist:

        We were not there long, and the mist kept shifting the whole time, revealing sections of ice and levels of mist. All this was happening around 5 p.m. after a relatively warm day. Peg doesn't think the pond was "turning over", a term I had to look up, yet she had never before happened to see her beloved pond acting like this. I will post the following photos in mostly chronological order, and I tried out two in black and white to catch the ice patterns. As usual, I don't even know how to do some of the fancy stuff, and I don't usually do anything anyway for the blog photos I show.

      Once we decided our time had run out and we had to return to the house, I made one last photo farther along the pond's edge, with its different feel of the place.

       I was moved by seeing this pond, and, as usual, I feel even more connected to what I am seeing if I use my camera.  The photos feel imperfect for the occasion, but I share them in any case to honor our being at that place at that time. The wild things we don't always get to experiece are so very much needed in our world and always have been.

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  1. and we thank all the gods and goddesses responsible for keeping all the wild things in nature and in our lives! I love these photos!