Sunday, January 31, 2016

winter and my photo exhibit both take shape

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       I have a bit of catching up to do, so here are three winter photos, a short winter video,  and a preview of my exhibit, which we set up this afternoon -- which is why this blog is being posted later than usual this Sunday.  Because of the big snow we had a week ago, many things are delayed, including the publicity posters and postcards for my exhibit.  And school in this county was out all last week. Everyone is hopeful things will be back to normal tomorrow.
       OK, first I'll show some snow, which was the lovely kind but just way more than we usually get. We think we had 15 inches in our area. Counties south of us had a lot more.


I can't resist a snow person photo, of Natalie trying to make dry snow work.  Sorry it is not a better photo!!

    That same day we did some shuttling with a four wheeler, a truck, a tractor and a friend's car to shape up my driveway in order to be able to get out if needed.  Part of that included my getting to ride in the Rhino (a two seater 4 wheeler) while we backed down a long stretch of the driveway.  I looked behind me while holding out my cell phone as we sped along -- the loud noise of its motor is, well, loud! I really enjoyed the ride, and I hope readers here do as well. I thank Tim and Jason for all their good neighbor efforts and help!!

Jason and the Rhino

IMG_2629 from Ann W. Olson on Vimeo.

     Then, this afternoon, my exhibit at the Rowan County Arts Center started to take shape. I have four photos here of the decision work in progress -- how to group my 35 photos, where to put the groups, etc.  My friend Taral Thompson took on the task with her generosity of spirit and her expertise, and was helped by Wayland Coffey, an intern at the Arts Center, who will have hung all the photos by the time I write this at 8 p.m.! I am so grateful for the way artists help each other and for Taral's help today in particular.

    I will have more photos from this event next week. In the meantime, here is a copy of the poster which the Arts Center has designed and had printed. I just now received this copy in my email. Good job, Wayland! 


  1. Snow out our way didn't stick to trees like your's.
    I love being able to see the art work going up! Thanks!

  2. There you go! Riding that 4 wheeler bring back memories! x0x0