Sunday, January 17, 2016

"What Catches My Eye" exhibit

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            Well, I am biting the bullet, so to speak, and doing a photo exhibit all of February. Making a public display. Sharing what I see with whomever braves the weather and has time to stop by.  No snow photos, but a little bit of ice (one of the photos from last week's blog post).  My biggest sized images, a few from digital, a few from when I was using slides. In advance I thank my neighbors for letting me hang them on a wall, and I thank my artist friends, like Taral, Jennifer, Wayland and Ash, who these next two weeks will help me pull it all together.          
         There will be a poster, a postcard and some local news information. However, I am writing about this today because my blog has always been about photography and Appalachia, and showing one's art in a local public forum is about both those things.
         LOCATION: Rowan County Arts Center (which used to be the old Courthouse) on Main Street in Morehead, Kentucky
         DATES: February 1, 2016, through leap year, until March 4, 2016
         RECEPTION: Friday, February 26, 5 - 7, probably with some words spoken by the photographer...and questions, by anyone who comes, answered or at least discussed.
         HOURS OPEN: 10 - 4, Monday through Friday, and by appointment on the weekends.

        In the meantime, here are a few more photos from last weekend's adventure in southern Kentucky -- besides the pond images I shared last week. Enjoy!

porch decor

VIEWS FROM THE HOUSE, with signs of recent weirdly warm weather:

VIEWS FROM WITHIN THE WOODS, on the way to the pond, travel by the "mule".

This is really how it looked.


Pretty good sample of photos for the middle of January! Thank you, Peg, for your hospitality and your great talent driving that mule. (Sorry not to have made a good photo of it.)  Next time....

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  1. Yeah about your showing!
    And I enjoyed especially "This is really how it looked."