Sunday, February 14, 2016

snow storm #2, after being very cold overnight

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       Snow storm #2 is on its way, followed by some rain, snow showers, etc., etc. I didn't get to go where I wanted to today or tomorrow, so, to cheer myself up, I decided to practice using my iPhone to make some photos around the house, over the course of an hour this afternoon. Even I need a reminder sometimes that making art out of disparate moments can indeed be good for the soul. I had a great time. I feel better. Not less "weathered," but better. I am using those photos for this week's post.
        First the setting. Wood cook stove fired up. Green plants happy near the sliding glass door to the deck -- especially the yam I kept dry and sprouting all summer, until plopping it on top of  some soil in December, where it promptly ran off with itself. I think I like the sun in that south-facing location as much as they do.
looking into the opened fire box of the wood cook stove (see three posts ago for more stove photos)

adding the view of the side of the stove, from above, with the lid still raised so that the fire is visible

a cactus unfazed by timing or expectations

view out the living room window, looking west
the internet radio, for listening to weather reports I forget at my peril are for Colorado or Minnesota instead of local...

 Temps inside, outside, recent high, last low, amazing, next to a French friend's lovely birth announcement.  Salut, VICTOIRE
        Then of course there are the birds to care for, in exchange for their beauty and antics.   

getting low on seeds in the trash can, but at the same time the almost empty can makes it easier to fill up the feeder without spilling seeds everywhere

voila, filled! with Rosemary for company.....

hung up once again

Soon all is back to normal.
      Another photo, this time showing evidence of creative activity: what usually hangs on these hooks is currently in my exhibit in Morehead!  So while the world waits, and the walls wait, maybe some of my beloved beauties are finding happy new homes.

        At the same time, the dining room (this house doesn't really have one) table gets covered again, for paper-for-notecards cutting. I just received an order for more cards, from the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, next to Interstate 75.  
     Then here's this last photo, the only one from yesterday. It shows what the guest bed looked like last night at 10 p.m.  Surface covering seems to be a favorite pastime here, kind of like what the snow is currently doing to all the outside surfaces!

        Slice of life time is over for now. Thanks for sharing the fun I had pulling this post together.


  1. This is really great. Wish you were here.

  2. Hi Ann sweetie, I love how you put this together! Especially liked this comment: "the internet radio, for listening to weather reports I forget at my peril are for Colorado or Minnesota instead of local..."! Soon!