Sunday, February 7, 2016

links, thinks, and a photo exhibit tease

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        So much sun today -- which this time of year nicely warms our south facing house. I'm almost ready for some more snow, but hopefully not so much all at once!
       Today I have two links, take 'em or leave 'em, but first some shots from my photography exhibit at the Rowan County Arts Center.  Several readers have indicated they liked seeing the setting up process, so this will be a kind of follow-up report from last week's post. 

a banner outside the Arts Center building -- my name up in plastic! Nice!

The first of several "snaps" of the place without the long tables and the photos leaning up against the sides

from my series following a few milkweed plants for a year

the visitor guest book -- page 1 --

and some cards for sale that match the hanging photos, a few smaller/unframed versions for sale as well, along with copies of Counting on the Woods, a poem by George Ella Lyon, and my photos.

Here is a favorite photo  -- my neighbor Sandy's cat whom I discovered snoozing there when I got into my car one day to return home, with the Destination perfectly placed. I give it the title of "on the way." I'm always glad when I have my camera in the front seat of the car and am ready to go.

I would like to give two links today, and the first is for George Ella's newsletter. Being Kentucky's Poet Laureate for two years has kept her even busier than usual, but I am awed by the amount of work she manages to pull off, including her quarterly newsletter. She is unfailingly original in words and in person. 

The other link is for the great conference coming up with information about gifted kids, put on annually by an organization that I was part of for many years, the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education. They have made such a difference in our state, and, in this time of budget cuts that push the needs of children aside, I think it is even more important then ever to stay informed and to speak up for the importance of each child receiving the education they need and deserve. I hope to be able to go to at least a day of the two day event, Feb. 22-23.        

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