Sunday, February 28, 2016

a snow story and a spring bouquet

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       Today is almost leap day! It's very warm outside and the daffodils are showing leaves! I had my exhibit reception on Friday, 5-7 pm, but I am not ready yet to revisit any of these events for today's blog post. I still need some processing time. So I have decided -- before winter leaves us all together -- to share the story I recorded in photos of mailing a birthday card on a Tuesday to my step grandson turning 20, whose birthday would be two days later. The card would not have time to arrive by his birthday, so I resorted to taking some photos to document via email how hard I worked to get his card in the mail.  (Note: there had been no mail on the Monday because of the three day weekend.) 

 1. AT THE HOUSE, holding the envelope, with me dressed and ready to start out for the mailbox

2.  GOING OUT the front door (see last week's post) and walking up the steps (ditto)

3. WALKING THE QUARTER MILE to the road and the mailbox, with the driveway not yet plowed

4. SOME SOGGY AREAS ON THE DRIVEWAY, and a culvert needing attention -- later

5. CROSSING THE ROAD TO THE MAILBOX, which requires some liberating

6. LOOKING BACK toward the driveway, on the right, imagination required

 7. PUTTING THE STAMPED CARD into the cleaned up mailbox -- evidence of my trying my hardest to get the card sent on its way (For some reason, the trusty red flag chose this day to fall off. Maybe the passing snowplow dislodged it somehow?)

8. LOOKING BACK, FROM NEAR THE DRIVEWAY ENTRANCE, to the mailbox (and card within) with just as much fog looking east as there was looking west  

9. I RETURN TO THE HOUSE, with every hope that the mail will run this day (it does) and the card will be received in Massachusetts (it is, eventually), with a thank you to the US Postal Service and to Regina, our mail carrier!

10. LATER THAT DAY, my neighbor Jason comes down on his four wheeler to make sure all is well. It is. I appreciate the visit and enjoy seeing him!

 11. I am reminded that I haven't yet posted the two photos of him wearing the t-shirt for this year's Senior Class. I probably love the shirt more than he does, but he let me take photos even so. First from the back:

the front reads: Senior Year / Just kinda do it
12. Three photos remain for today, providing some cheerful color for this time of year. The first two views are of the unexpected bouquet my sweet daughter sent for Friday's reception. I thank you!

 This last photo is an evening winter sky, in the north, from the side door of the house. It really looked just like this. Keeping my eyes open keeps me happy. And this blog does, too.

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  1. I enjoyed your story. You keep us happy, too. Stay happy. xoxo