Sunday, May 22, 2016

England in May, part 1

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       My greetings from across the pond, in the United Kingdom, the other UK in my life (besides the signature university in Kentucky). I am once again visiting my stepmother here, and even though I don't have my main camera with me, I do have a few photos to share.
       First, three from town, which is Chipping Campden, in the Cotswolds. I have shown photos from here before, and next week I will give the links to my other posts from here over the last 5 years.
It's the wisteria time of year.

Chipping Campden is famous for this market place, built in 1627, located on High Street.

This marker is nearby. It sounds so Zen to me!  And Bath is a city... 

Spent some time with a friend in town in her garden area following the antics of a couple of nesting robins. I really missed having my main camera for shots like this!
Farm country surrounds the town.

I guess this group of homes could be called a suburb of CC....

Yesterday I had my visit with June and BIll, friends of our whole family, whom I look forward to seeing every time I come.  First, the chestnut tree in the field behind their home:

I thought they were looking great, especially since their granddaughter had turned 18 this past week, and there had been a big party one night and a family dinner another.  It seems eighteen is the new twenty-one as far as birthdays are considered. This photo makes me happy.

Their house is on the right, with some of its very old parts showing. However, it was warm enough yesterday for us to have our visit in the sun room, if that is what they call it.  Maybe they say the new room.

I made this photo in light rain, at the end of the road that goes through their village: rape seed, for making oils. I love seeing yellow fields, appearing along every road during this time of year.

This morning I followed this public foot path through this field and then next to a plowed field and then up the next hill, on the way to Broad Campden, a village near CC and perhaps part of it. There was actual sun this morning -- however, the photos I took in Broad Campden ended up with the date on them -- hard to take it off -- so I will post them next week when I am home and have more time. This post is simply a taste of the place where I find myself at the moment. 

looking back -- at a man walking his dog

Please note: This tag along paragraph is not about politics exactly, but more about relations with citizens of other countries. I simply have to mention that, as I knew would happen, every Brit who has brought up the subject of Donald Trump has been incredulous that someone as poorly spoken as he is would be a possible president of the USA. They are also very wary of a Trump presidency, because it sounds like Americans are flirting with having extremely unreliable leadership in dangerous times. I tell them that I agree, that many of us are embarrassed and sad to see this happening. In any case, there is never a good time for an inexperienced and totally self-absorbed person to be a head of state.  Well, I guess that last sentence sounds pretty political, but I am feeling exposed over here as a visiting American and this country is more than just full of pretty pictures. They are our friends, and we all need to think BIG PICTURE.


  1. The photo of the man walking his dog makes me thing of Mauk Ridge.

  2. I like Steve's comment!
    "a taste of where I find myself at the moment" like that too.
    I enjoy seeing the fields, and houses and market stone floor.

  3. I love that green trail.

    Enjoy your trip. Try to ignore the inevitable Trump comments.