Sunday, May 8, 2016

Spring flowers, in between showers, plus cliffs and my kids

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        I had hoped to do my guest photographers post today, but three of them are in the throes of end of university semesters, and therefore have somewhat of an excuse for not getting their photos to me in a timely manner. I will keep trying to herd these cats, for next week or the week after. In any case, spring is fast turning into summer, and I just happen to have some recent spring photos to post!  We have been having our fair share of rain, so I feel lucky to have the photos I did manage to make this past week....
       First, a few from around the house....

mourning doves at the well-ness center....

the steps, under the dogwood

       Our county has a nature center that includes a section of the path designed for wheel chairs as well as regular foot travel. It all starts at the Laurel Gorge Heritage Center

along the first section of the path, with rhododendron (not in bloom in May)

a view of the limestone cliffs, from the path

a colony of pink lady's slippers!!

Notice the difference in the shape of this pink lady's slipper bloom with the yellow one that follows:

These yellows are somewhat less common than the pinks.

       Several moments of fascination for me, seeing what I see when surrounded by these wonders:

        Since today is mother's day, I want to end with a photo of the two people who taught me so much about life, about mothering, and about love. I share this photo with unending gratitude -- and with a reminder that you were each as cute and fascinating long ago as you are now....!


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