Sunday, July 3, 2016

a few more favorite photos from June

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      I seem to have more photos I like from June than I have been able to include so far, so today will just be some random photos, but ones I don't want to wait any longer to share.
last summer's swing, waiting for cousin camp in July

 The pond is waiting, too. I made this photo last night, and the frogs were loudly croaking out Hi! Come!! Soon!!

This is a neighbor's self-confident rooster, and I promise it's hard to get a good rooster photo!
These eggs come from a different neighbor, but I am putting the photos together since they have a poultry connection.....  Many colors of eggs indicate many kinds of hens.....

Along the path by the creek, evidence of other visitors along the path during the winter!
butterfly weed, a kind of milkweed

Bugs yucking it up in a milkweed flower, seen from above because the flower is on a hillside and I am tall....

Crook neck garlic, planted by a friend in my garden last summer! I think it qualifies as a hardneck garlic.
bale jumping....  (just kidding)
After the baling, some bush hogging - thank you, thank you, Jamie!!

and thanks for leaving the big tractor for me to play on that evening....

day lilies - to remember to do like they do and enjoy one day at a time

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  1. Rooster has best leg forward, my guess.
    Your crookneck garlic is a head slower than mine, already blooming out.