Sunday, July 10, 2016


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       Today is a short post because my place is filled with family, which includes shifts and wonderful new adventures.  I think this occasion provides a good excuse for sharing the information about an upcoming juried exhibit called "Firmly Rooted, 2016" at the M S Rezny Studio/Gallery in Lexington, Kentucky.  My photo of the milkweed pod with a tiny frog sitting on it was accepted to be included!  More information is on the postcard I hope to show here (two sides) or at the gallery's website: 

       Many regular viewers of this blog already know that I followed a couple of milkweed plants throughout an entire year. Had I not been looking closely at them almost daily, I would never had noticed the handsome visitor. It was a thrill, as always, to meet and discover as part of being an artist.
      Earlier this week, a photographer friend sent me a surprise photo, from Minnesota, that I loved seeing. Thanks, Tom!  This frog was sitting on a lawn chair at the Quaker conference he was attending.  Frogs getting out in the world....



       Happy discoveries to all, Ann 


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