Sunday, July 17, 2016

Second annual memorial ride for Garry Purnell, who loved horses

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         For a couple of hours yesterday morning, a group of family and friends rode horses or off-road vehicles in honor of Garry Purnell, who died in December, 2014. It was the second year for this summer event; this time it was not as hot as it can be. Also the rain was short in duration. As a photographer, I appreciated the cloudy light -- and not being super hot.  
       I wasn't able go along with the ride for the whole two hours of it, but today I am sharing some of the photos I did manage to make.  

       First, the preparations at the house and the arrival of wagon and horses:

Natalie, warming up her horse, in Garry's barn

Jean's garden, beside the barn

wagon and horses now ready to go

other horses, perhaps feeling left out -- in the field

Garry's grandson

Garry's wife and my friend, Jean

along route 504

heading toward home

Perhaps the best response to my photography all day! Loved it!


Jonathan, the "ring leader", and his daughter, Natalie, remembering Garry, and his love for them and for the shared love of horses

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  1. What a nice idea; it must be comforting for his family and loved ones. And I notice a lot of red color! Thanks xo