Sunday, August 21, 2016

France, part 3, some twice visited places

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       Maybe Paris, France is not your favorite place in the world, but I hope the photos I've made there, with iPhone and with my Canon SLR, are still worthy of a perusal.  I thought today I would show some places I went to more than once, where I used both my cameras, and see if that makes any difference at all in how they come across!

To start, here is an over/under photo, two different times, two very different views of the same bridge. (There are 5 pedestrian bridges that cross the Seine River in Paris.)

our family, crossing over to the Louvre Museum, early in the day

crossing under that same bridge, the next day, while on the Seine River

looking at "my" side of the street from across the Seine, with the backs of the book stalls shown along the Quai wall

I took many photos of this woman as she opened up her book stall for the day. This was the first one -- it took me a bit to realize what she was up to and that I had time to follow her. I have two photos of her in the previous post. The river is in the background.
       I found the following photo in a book stall near "my woman". There was no way I was going to be able to arrange to be where that photo was made, so I tried to make an art photo from what I did have to work with.
a photo of a photo, showing the model of the Statue of Liberty

and now the reverse view, from the Eiffel Tower, and the statue is located at the far end of the strip in the middle of the river
 Next, here are first three views made with my iPhone from within the quiet cathedral nearby, St.--Severin, that I visited on my last day. I learned that it is one of the oldest cathedrals still in operation on the left bank of the Seine.

 and now three photos I made inside this church with my Canon. I don't like to use the bigger camera when there are folks nearby who are in church.  I also stayed awhile in the meditation chapel, but there was someone else in there the whole time, so I didn't take any photos at all. No problem:

This shows how the organ does hide some of the beauty of the window.
  One last photo, a snapshot, really, from the front of Notre-Dame, which we we could see from the apartment. This was amazing to me, since I have only ever stayed a night or two in Paris before.  Thanks for sharing some of this journey with me.



  1. These are all lovely, Ann. Loved : crossing under that same bridge, the next day, while on the Seine River! I have traveled the Seine only once. I was amazed with Paris. xoxo

  2. Fantastic Ann! I soooo enjoyed the view from atop of the Eiffel Tower!