Sunday, August 14, 2016

More Paris bits, part 2 of 3

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        This week's post is more Paris! Today's photos are ones made with my Canon 5D companion. I didn't carry my camera everywhere -- too heavy, even when it was in my son's backpack, and we had some rain -- plus once we left in the morning, we'd be gone most of the day.  Anyway, I love my Canon, so I did enjoy it when I had a chance to use it. (Next week: times when I used both the iPhone and the Canon at the same place.)

       So here's from early in our week, exploring the Seine and some of the 37 bridges that go over it in Paris:
moving forward

and then looking backwards - the roof window opened despite the drizzle, and E's head liberated.

getting closer by water to the Eiffel Tower
   The next day we got even closer to the Tower. In fact, we went up to the top!

I love trying to get a photo of something I wasn't expecting to see.

But I found that even the expected had charm.

This was as close as I got to the Bois de Bologne, by the way, which is the wonderful wooded area seen in the background.... My sisters and I remember playing there years and years and years ago.

I went across the Seine to get a view of the building we were in -- I hung my red sweat shirt over the railing of our apartment before leaving the apartment to take some photos. Hint: the building is the third one from the right, and there is a close-up in the next photo. Sightseeing boats passed by all the time, including at night, on their way to nearby Notre-Dame. The street floor of the building had a Pizza place.

       The green structure between the trees in the photo above is the back of a book stall, a famous feature in Paris since forever. One morning, early, I took a series of photos, from the opened window, of the woman across the street as she opened up that book stall for the day.  Later I went outside to talk to her, which I enjoyed very much.  She said that tourism is definitely down this year in France, and she also gave me permission to take her photo when I asked -- and I made got a good one.  Now I wish I had her address to send her a copy of it. I am not sure that anyone would deliver a letter to "the woman who works across from 47 Quai des Grands Augustins."

all set up, near the bus stop, and ready for some sales

  Since we were located within a few blocks of Notre-Dame, we went back there another day.  A late afternoon church service started up, with incense and song, and roaming tourists on the side. I remember studying that window in a history of art class at my college!

       We returned as well to Saint Chapelle (see last week's post), but this time it was for an evening concert, in the top level of the building. What a beautiful place to hear Vivaldi! Surrounded by those windows!  
       My thanks again, dear family, for my being part of such a lovely week.  Merci beaucoup, beaucoup.

 (True confession - these last two photos were taken with the iPhone, since I didn't bring the Canon with me.  It seemed better to be there for the music and family, and not be tempted to zone out with the Canon.)


  1. I loved the picture of E's head on the back of the boat.

  2. And even the expected can be a blessing!

    I love the photo of your hosting family. Smiles.

  3. Absolutely stunning!