Sunday, August 7, 2016

Paris, not in Kentucky but in France, part 1

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       Well, I can't help posting a few photos from where I was privileged to be this past week -- in Paris, France.  I have decided to add a photographic dimension by today showing a dozen photos made with my iPhone 6s.  Next week I will show a dozen or so made with my Canon 5D.  There will be differences, but they may be hard to tell in this blog format.  It does mean my readers get to go to France twice, though some of the places shown will overlap....
        First of all, I want to express loving and hearfelt thanks to my son and daughter-in-law who made this trip possible for me.  Yes, I do speak French so I was sometimes handy to have along, but it was also an amazing new way to spend a week together.  However, they like to WALK everywhere, many hours a day, so I am just fortunate that I even had time to make any photos at all!  Some of them, especially these ones with the iPhone, were literally made on the run:

     But then sometimes we were places where we couldn't be walking, like on a small boat!
My favorite Musee d'Orsay, from a boat on the Seine River

passing by Notre-Dame church which happened to be close by to our apartment

our Seine view of the Eiffel Tower, which we visit the next day

Greetings to all from the top of the Eiffel Tower -- my first time to go all the way to the top!!

air-conditioning (....) on the lower level of Sainte Chapelle

soaring spendor on the upper level of that same chapel, a treasure of a place

A special creperie, for lunch.  The crepes come either as salt or sweet. This was L's salmon crepe,

and this is what was left of the grandkids' dessert crepes.....

Then there is the Musee de LOUVRE!  
I couldn't resist joining in for a device photo at the Louvre Museum -- of everyone there taking a photo of the Mona Lisa!!  What are they thinking??!!  I heard she has to be doubly protected because otherwise visitors throw stuff at the painting or try to harm it. Well, even touching it would harm it. Perhaps they even imagine stealing it? If anyone really needs to see the Mona Lisa, click here.
This is what it had looked like when we got there, after an early walk from our apartment:
I was impressed to see several people emerge from this bookstore, standing upright!
I was also impressed seeing E and L firming up their plans for a special night out in honor of their tenth anniversary!!  Again, you two, best wishes and congratulations!

While the parents were having that special anniversary dinner, the kids and I went for a riverside stroll in the neighborhood.  I actually love this photo, its clouds, the evening light, and the shadow of the steps we took to get down closer to the river.
This next photo was my last in Paris.  A barge, tied up on our side of the Seine, had these lovely flowers that wanted to be included with Notre-Dame's derriere... I love being a bit quirky.
           Not everyone gets to go to Paris, so I wanted to share some of what I was able to see.  I hope these at least give a flavor of the bits of Paris I saw last week.

         Alors, a bietntot, mes amis.


  1. Love being able to travel with you.
    Welcome home!

  2. All of these are wonderful! What is the long skinny sort of island thing in the middle of the river in the photo from the top of the tower?