Sunday, September 18, 2016

can't resist water, mist and clouds

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      Last week's post was mostly all about people. Today's is mostly all about the dock on the lake where I was last weekend with my two sisters and three cousins.  We had all been on that same lake -- Lake Caspian -- in our childhood, and the idea was to revisit the place that had been so evocative for us all.  Located in northern Vermont, this lovely lake isn't close to where any of us now live.  However, it was as evocative as ever and the weather was cooperative. I seem to have done most of my photography that I want to share either from the dock or near the dock that belonged to the house we rented. (I was there three of the four nights of the gathering.) The changing moods of the lake, the evening light and the morning mists, the loons and grebes and humans passing quietly by, were all wondrous. I did go swimming, it did rain one day, my sister R. took the canoe out the last day with a friend, and my two sisters did walk around the lake -- the path is said to be seven miles around -- in honor of the walk four of us took together as youngsters. The rest of the time was mostly talking (a whole lot) and eating and working an ongoing jigsaw puzzle and one endless single game of Clue! 
       So, in mostly chronological order over the days, here are some lake photos:

a first evening photo, for proof that we really pulled this off and were on Lake Caspian!!

Saturday morning

Later, that afternoon:

afternoon visit from more cousins, with traveling dog

It did rain Sunday morning!

Our dock from the neighbor's lakeside spot -- only a few people were in the area.

the ongoing effort to find a place where ye olde cell phone would work.... not at the end of the dock!

This is the same view as the beginning photo, looking across the lake, but it appears to me to be quite a different place!
Don't forget to click on a single photo in order to be able to see them all in a larger format, one by one.  I traveled all that way to talk and listen, or I would have even more photos. I hope this gives a flavor of another place I have been thankful to be able to visit. Quite the summer for me!  If you have a favorite, favorite photo, please let me know --, or leave a comment on this blog. Thanks!

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  1. I especially liked the opening & closing photos as they are of the same spot. My second favorite is the one with water! xo