Sunday, September 4, 2016

And now back in Kentucky! annual 4H show photos!

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      I'm always glad to be at the annual 4H livestock show and sale in Sandy Hook. It is usually too hot for me to stay for both the judging session at 3:30 and the auction at 6. But since it is a crowd who mostly knows me, or at least knows of me, it's totally fun to be taking photos WITH them, and not just as a stranger. I was sorry to miss the first afternoon of the show, which had chickens and rabbits. The next day were the cattle, goats and sheep, as the photos will show. I saw only one pig this year! As usual, I have tried to insert some story into this series of photos.

The 4H symbol: head, heart, hands and health

goat homes away from home

the bleachers and fans
Jayla is a senior in high school. She won several awards this year! Bravo!

Makayla as participant -  my congrats!!

It's wonderful to see the younger generation listening, learning, and showing their animals.

both judge and instructor, and host --

Family support seems always to be an important part of this big effort!

I suspect this toddler will one day also be a part of the 4H program, just like her half-sister. I love this photo.
I may be adding a few more photos soon, but I want to publish this much this afternoon. Enjoy! 

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  1. Ann, thanks for the story, too, with the photos. You have a great eye and you certainly make the effort to do your best. xoxo