Sunday, October 9, 2016

grateful for how art makes a transition feel more real

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        My reality this month is that I am moving out of a house where I have lived for 42 years.  My daughter and her family will be taking over the place, so I am not having to leave it entirely! I am moving to my Gallery, nearby. But I do have to downsize, always good but also always tricky.
       Since this task does include some life review, in addition to my journal I am trying to make time to take some photos as I tackle various tasks. Though I don't have time to do my best work, I thought I would just share some of what I am seeing while I make this effort.
This is where I am sitting while putting this blog post together.  The next photo shows what this corner will look like once my daughter and her family make this place their home the end of the month. The couch is theirs; it moved here in July. They have been busy exploring the USA before taking up new jobs and such. I do get to have their dog during their trip (photo to come.)

chuckle! chuckle!

Here's another chuckle! This New Yorker cartoon has always been a favorite of mine. 
upstairs window, looking south

same room, looking west through the black walnut tree -- this week
current display on the bulletin board halfway down the stairs

view looking southeast from my desk, through a window downstairs

looking east from the desk

a favorite view out the north door, of our hay field (which long ago was a tobacco field)

things found while sorting drawers and boxes.... from kindergarten (E)
      I am having all together too much fun doing this post, when I might be better served doing some actual moving preparation, so I am going to stop here for today.  I will try to wait until next Sunday to add some more. I sure hope I will also be able to report progress.

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