Sunday, October 16, 2016

in honor of this home I'm leaving next week, part 2 of 2

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       Today is my last full day on my own in this house, after 42 years of lots of our comings and goings and our company coming and coming back and goats and chickens and seasons and changes in the house and hard work by both my ex-husband and myself.  There are stories galore. And this tradition will continue now that my daughter and her husband and their kids will begin living here. These 90 acres of land are healthier for our having lived so fully until now, and it makes a difference to me that this stewardship is being passed on and that I will be able to live nearby. 
        I continue to be in awe that I or any human being can own trees -- we are so dependent on them for the very air we breathe and for their beauty and strength. They should not to be taken for granted in any way.  This hilly farm is not "worth" a lot, but in my mind and heart it has been a treasure to know and always will be.

       Anyway, enough sentiment for now, here are the other dozen photos I'm sharing at this point in time, for fun, and in honor of these many years together:

two upstairs file cabinets and a mirror, and books (dear friends). The grey one is staying, the brown file drawer is going with me.

photo by John Flavell, French translation of a picture book by George Ella Lyon. A former window behind the book now connects the kitchen and the living room.

the shelf of books ABOUT - trees, flowers, the stars, etc., They not being moved at this time.

I have no idea if this cactus is going to be moved!  I hear it's worth about $100 by now, but it seems so happy there, surrounded by toys from cousin camp. Plus it's very hard to move.  Stay tuned.  Anyone nearby want a healthy cactus, to pick up yourself?

Granddaughter artwork graces world issues of personal concern.

Other honored work. The law reviews are from the year when E was the editor.

a door frame from the kitchen to the living room addition, with a warning: low door frame, tall (!) family members

the downstairs file cabinet, to be moved out of T's room on the day a week from now when 9 pieces of furniture, etc., will all be moved from this house to my new dwelling (which is currently my Gallery.)

friends of T's, waiting eagerly for her return from their extended road trip

another view from My Chair in the corner of the kitchen - (see earlier post) - way across to the front door, opened "reflectively" on this warm day

grand-dog wanting to come in, and I can't hide because I am sitting close to this other door next to My Chair.

Actually, I am strongly of the opinion that blue is hot, and red totally out to lunch.... but these markers have been adhered to this bathtub since the Nixon presidency went down the drain....

Just in case we'd forget the truth of Mother Jones from over 100 years ago!... The wall this hangs on shows the original inside wall of this house, built during WWII.  There are no interior spaces behind the wall, so the pipes we added when we hooked up to indoor plumbing became part of what is seen. I guess it could be called pioneer design. However, we wanted to show a bit of how the house had originally been built.

waiting for the laundry mavens to return

Believe it or not, this bookshelf shows progress! Mostly cookbooks are left, and the bird books, and the growing a garden ones.  Honest!  We have still to decide which ones stay with the house.

One last bit -- the desk I used as a child, currently in the room T. is using until I actually move out, which is going with me.  I guess I wanted to be sure my younger sisters didn't mess with my desk, so I decided to add my name?  I don't remember doing it, BUT I remember why I might have wanted to do it.  Ironically, due to timing, I ended up in Kentucky with two similar desks! The other one will be staying here in the house for T. to use in whatever room she ends up in once I have moved out.  (I have been house sitting my own house and dog sitting while my daughter and family have been on a long drive around the USA before starting their new life here.) The drawers on both desks work well for being so old..... just like me!  Go figure!

        In honor of my move, I am going to take next week off from this weekly blog, to concentrate instead on keeping my sense of humor in good working order, which between the move and the election will need all the TLC it can get.  This is the least I can do to show my deep appreciation for the help of friends and family at this time.  
       So I'll be back on Hallowe'en, MOVED. 


  1. A moving post for sure! And you have more than earned a week off. Where in the house is the ANN desk?

  2. I am so glad you will be close by the old home place! x0x0