Sunday, October 2, 2016

summer sweep up -- some photos which were missing in action

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       In addition to posting here only once a week, I don't always include every photo I could - trying to spare my loyal readers from too much too often. Today's post consists of some photos I like but haven't shown yet.  Well, a couple of these photos included did need a second look. I'm going to try again using a phrase or word for each photo. Enjoy!
just do it


coy cardinal flowers

sunshine x 2

still running
    This next photo does have a story with it: a cousin camp game in progress, run around the house, pick up an apple en route, drop it in the hoop at the end, before running around the house again. And again.  For some reason, all three kids went along with this game!

evening displays--

sit-calm: On the Dam

Another story: these three members of the Rowan County chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth were the noon crew at the renowned Cave Run Story Telling Festival, selling homemade soups, cornbread and pies. This is the third year KFTC benefits from the hard work of local chapter members - the debate continues whether very hot (this year) or wet (the last two years) helps or hurts business. Thank you everyone who made food or was able to work the booth this year!!!

back at 4H....

Morehead moment (August)

a Seine moment -- I hope everyone has some of these this week....

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