Sunday, April 2, 2017

from northeastern Kentucky, but with some remaining English photos

post #329, on Sunday, April 2   --   Happy Birthday, today, to Ann Scott! 

       I'm looking forward to sharing some photos from a few of my classmates in my Morehead State University digital photography class. Next week. But today I have several photos from England that I have not yet shared. Though I had decided not to bring my best camera on the trip, for weight and weather considerations, I did have my 6s iPhone, an earlier Canon SLR I used to know how to work without thinking, and a Canon point and shoot. Since it did rain quite a bit, I'm glad I wasn't relying on my full frame Canon, but it turned out I was a bit awkward on the other two Canons. Sometimes even a thinking pause can thwart a good photo. And sometimes there's nothing like the iPhone's reliabilitly for certain shots.

First, a reminder of Snowshill Manor, house and fields. Try pronouncing it like the locals do - with 'now' sounding like now, as in 'right now.'

Thea's choice for the photo to show of the entrance of the house.

This March garden is located near that front door. Did you doubt me when I said it rained quite a bit??

Inside treasures included some costumes in the closet to try on!

Back in town, we try to stop by to see Christina -- of the threads collection fame -- who lives almost directly across the street from my stepmother. Gotta love the gate!

And it is even better when Christina opens it!! And when she doesn't let her beloved dog run out into the street!!
Please note: she is not as short as this photo may make it look like she is.

This is what is actually directly across the street from her red gate.

Next two more photos from Hidcote Gardens of a girl on the move:

and three more from the Airbnb where R and T were staying:

the kitchen/dining room window sill later in the week

Koala and the blanket traveled with us, but the bed was just waiting for them to arrive!

I love the spontaneity of this photo, and I wish I had for once requested that she give me one more try....
A brief note about a loss our community has had, when Larry Nethterton passed away Friday night. He was the National Public Radio go to in Eastern Kentucky, running the station from MSU --  WMKY -- that is currently celebrating 50 years on the air and whose funding is currently and sadly in peril.  I worked for him part time for several years, doing the PR and fundraisers. I am also friends with his wife, Mary Jo, and his daughter and mine are close as well. Larry, thank you for how hard you cared and worked and made a difference.

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