Sunday, April 16, 2017

apple blossoms and red buds, April 8, 2017

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       Not much space for writing today - there are all these photos I want to share. I made them a week ago, in the evening, spurred on by needing a photo of an apple orchard for a book project George Ella and I have been working on. I had to park the car very near a major curve on a hill on Route 32 in order to protect myself while working with my tripod. There are few photographers out there on the roadside.... and there was a lot more traffic than I expected.The evening light was so beautiful, though. It was almost dark when I finally left. I don't know if we will use any of the photos, of course, since we may need to show actual APPLES, but in the meantime, here is some Appalachian beauty as seen from 6 feet of roadway. I'm grateful I had an excuse to stop and look and savor.     
        Please note: these are most of the images I shot, since I work at a deliberate pace. They are unedited, and in chronological order, as I explored what angles I could manage from where I was located. And the evening light was, of course, gradually dimming. A friendly reminder: click on one of the photos and then look at them one by one, larger, along the bottom of your screen.















        If one or two of these work particularly well for you, please let me know.  I will give each photo a number, in case, to reduce confusion since they are versions of a whole.  Happy Spring!

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  1. Hi Ann. Not the same as seeing you in person but I'll take it!

    I especially love # 1 & 2 as they show this is an orchard you are looking at, a great angle. #7 is also nice because I see the redbuds beyond the road. #10 is also a beauty.