Sunday, April 23, 2017

This week it's dogwoods and red-winged blackbirds!

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        Rainy week, good light this morning when I took these photos, and April's wonders continue.  I am again parked on a winding road, nearby, looking down on fields and woods. Thank you, drivers, for safely passing me. I wanted to revisit the dogwood tree alone in the woods, blooming with abandon. 

how it started today

spring greens above

     Back home, I ended up sitting/hiding in my car, with a bean bag on the open window ledge to use as a camera balance, trying to catch the red-winged blackbirds on the pond. I do get one -- a female -- using my 70 - 300 lens, which is the best I can do without being a committed bird photographer.  I have cropped one of the photos to show more detail about the bird - which is a female RWBB. I have read somewhere that a single daddy blackbird watches out for several nests at a time.


bird is there, but hard to see

cropped photo of the female red-winged blackbird

The bird is gone, but imagine it returning often....

turkey in the yard, with (trust me) a daddy RWBB companion
  I have way too much fun putting these posts together. I have other photo work that needs doing now, so thanks for the looking with me. I so appreciate all the people across the world who expressed support this Earth Day weekend for using hard-earned skills to learn as much as possible about the world we live in -- the one we want to preserve and protect by using this essential information. 

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  1. I saw the bird in the first pic only because you told me it was there and I scooted my eyeballs real close to the screen! Enjoy the gone to seed cattails, the dogwood & the turkey! xo