Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cousin Camp, 2017, part 1 of 2

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       This year, with the addition of cousins of cousins, there are MORE COUSINS, six in all, ages 21 to 1. Total confusion works wonders, except for the ability to produce excellent quality in one's photos. O well, better instead to enjoy each other and this place and this time, still on-going.  There will be more photos next week; I hope this makes up for usually not having family photos on this blog.

OK, day one, I picked up my son delivering two kids, at the Louisville airport, three hours away. This year said son stayed two nights in Kentucky before returning to Denver, leaving said kids for another week!  No beds/mattresses left in the house, so he slept in what is called the summer "house" at the pond: no electricity, screens instead of windows, earplugs required to survive the morning din by frogs and chirping insects.

Later that same day, my daughter picks up said son's wife's brother and his family at the Morehead airport where they arrived after 6 hours of traveling via the plane they built themselves (before the birth arrivals of two kids, now ages 3 and 1.) Somehow they claim the trip went really well. They both fly F15s for the Air Force, so maybe their perspective is not your run of the mill one.

Two cousins were already here -- Thea, who lives nearby now, and her beloved half-brother who lives in Massachusetts and will be a junior at UMASS-Amherst. GO TEAM.

Hey, Dad, how did this balloon creature get on my backpack?

double the trouble this year!

chief female honcho -- sitting for a change, at the pond, every afternoon! hot weather!!

uncle and nephew, age 6
two hoops on hand, used for lawn darts as well as for the around and around
five cousin onslaught

FOR REAL - a response to a red light on the camera, on a tripod!?!?!

so happy to be wearing a cousin hand-me-down
returning from the pond

The path back to the yard, the swing, the garden, the house, and food....with family
last night's far away lightning, no sounds, just a show, a midnight magic show, at my house, a happiness shared with the grandchild staying over with me for that night

Next week, part 2!  Stay safe, be present, and thanks for reading these posts.


  1. This is priceless, Ann. Thank you so much for sharing the magic of Cousin Camp. What a family!

    1. Thanks! After all these years, I think I've figured out how to repy to comments on my blog...about time! And you have figured out how to leave comments, so here's to our future here as well as in our work and in our friendship.

  2. The photo of Rebecca is great! Also was coming home from a gig in Marysville last night and that storm was no fun at all to be in. A LOT of water and constant lightning from the Ohio to a few miles past Carlisle. Didn't get back until 2:40.

    Looking forward to part 2 of CC.

    1. Steve - thanks! I think you meant you were driving home from Maysville? There were several fallen trees and branches around here. Two more trees fell down from the top of our big waterfall!! A total of 4 this spring!! I'm glad you got home safely, needless to say.

  3. How in the world did you manage to get everyone into that photo?! Wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Melva! There was some bossy behavior at work--where to put ourselves, timing, etc. We only had the stamina for three shots, one by me, one as a group, and then the third one which was amazing enough to share. I did crop the photo a bit for sharing, and I let Jeremey push the button so I wouldn't trip getting myself in place in time, but otherwise it's all by chance.