Sunday, July 16, 2017

Third annual memorial tribute to Garry Purnell

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      Yesterday's lovely weather was just right for the two hour morning ride on horses, four wheelers and carts along the ridge and over to the Purnell home place and back to the cemetery. I wasn't able to be there for most of it, but I did get to walk out to the family cemetery on the hill by myself while the ride was underway. I came back over later to visit with these neightbors/friends. And, luckily, some food remained, and kind fellowship that I really admire and appreciate.

seeing the barn on the far hill -- the barn that Jonathan is working to reconstitute

Gary's brother, sitting on the red bench, seen from the barn
Two barn photos, on its steady way to renewal:

Several family and friends photos:

I happen to like this photo a lot.  We are all sitting around a table outside. Kathy, as an avid photographer yourself, I hope you like this photo as well.
Jonathan and Ty's daughter, Natalie

Garry's grandson, Ethan

providing some field time after the pavement traveling

beautiful Bella
         Should anyone want to revisit posts of this event from past years, here are two links: 2016  and 2014.  I particularly recommend reviewing this last one --- of the funeral and first passage to the cemetery, on the hill. (Garry passed away in December 2014, but the memorial rides take place near his birthday.)


  1. I enjoy esp. the red bench, and the way you keep returning to community, returning to community....
    Love the gardens!
    Be Bold; Be Beautiful! xoxo

  2. I am struck by the way the land lies in these photos. Look one way, like from the red bench to the graves, and everything seems close and intimate and near enough to touch. and then you turn around, or just partway around, in the photo looking across the bench and there is a long sloping vista back to the farm and buildings, all so tiny. Looking back, I gather, to the route the ride took to get to the cemetery. Thanks.