Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cousin Camp, 2017, part 2 of 2

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          July, northeastern Kentucky, we get together so the kids can get to know each other, with not much scheduled except for daily late afternoon swims in the pond (weather permitting) and meals and lawn darts (this year-- thank you, George Ella) and walks to the waterfalls and in the creek on the way and make believe and board games and books and playing with the kittens, the cat, the two dogs, and getting eggs from the five chickens, and catching lightning bugs of an evening and maybe a fish in the pond. Somehow it all works.

 One of the three kittens:

 The pond after some rain! Luckily, for most of the time, the pond was clear.

At the pond, all three in pjs!

Practicing for the upcoming group photo (see last week's post). Nothing as wonderful as Christmas pjs in July! Very cool!

Back at the garden, celery -- PLANTED FROM SEED -- is thriving. Bravo, Jeremey!

      I also "used" the kids for help with a book project George Ella and I have been working on.  One of the photos needed concerns eggs. Since our plan is to use a few photos of these kids on other pages, I had the idea this time to use all three kids at once, each holding an egg from the chicken house. What follows is the start of a "photo session" and then a closer view of just their hands. I tried to combine the work of figuring out how to do what I asked without making it a lot of work for them. In this case, work meant holding still.... This whole project is in progress, but I thought that sharing some of on-going process might of interest.  Thank you, A, T and W!!

         I'm leaving room to add a few of Rebecca's photos from Cousin Camp, but she has been busy celebrating their tenth anniversary, right after CC ended.  Note: I added her photos Monday evening. It's been a very busy, but happy, time.

congratulations R and J!! (The plate was a wedding gift from my sister, Haven, and her husband, Robert, who live in California. Not available at your local mall store.)


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  1. Hey there Ms. Ann! The pond looks smaller than it is. The garden and the children seem to thrive. I love the one of everyone on the sofa! And the eggs in small hands! How all is well! xoxo