Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sideway Gallery

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         Last week's post had words about my visit to Hiroshima almost 50 years ago. I expressed my total conviction that nuclear weapons should never, ever be used again. And the very next day I read about some loose talk and threats by the person elected to be an American president. He seemed to be shooting off his mouth without really knowing what he was talking about. By the weekend he was doing the same thing about a far right rally in Virginia that turned to actual violence. Not at all an encouraging week. I write this for the folks in other countries who regularly read my posts; please know more and more of us will continue to persist in calling these actions out for what they are -- in addition to being obviously dangerous. The dream of democracy includes being determined.

       I do want to share some photos of my gallery -- called Sideway Gallery because I'm located on Sideway Road. I'm away from there at the moment, without the cord to plug in my eight year old laptop, so I'll go directly to photos.  That way at least there's something to show today! I'm fortunate to be able to keep my gallery and still have room to live there as well. At least I am going to give it a try!

the view of my place along Sideway Road, on the left driving in
the mail box for Sideway Gallery
gallery atmospheric, from across Sideway Road

atmospheric, looking down the driveway from the deck

inside the front door, the living room half of the front room, and some of the kitchen

part of the gallery half of the front room

my photos on the "living room" wall

 News on the ridge:
a colt's first day, before the barn is ready, but all seems well

peace on the pond
More details next week, with my sincere thanks to all who work for peace in our world.


  1. Something familiar about the Toyota in the across-Sideway-road photo.

  2. I like your "peace on the pond" photo! xo