Sunday, March 18, 2018

note card images, with titles, part 2 of at least 4

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          I'm having both fun and frustration doing this little project of choosing ten or so of my cards a week to share on this blog. However, I always enjoy working with my photos -- and they take me back to places -- so this will all make sense in the long run. They feel like my best wishes that then go out into the world on their own. I can only be grateful for finding each one and having it touch me during its journey. And my journey. I do realize I sound somewhat hokey, but these feelings happen to be true.

OK, here we go today, again in random order, looking like cards with an envelope:

still light -- one of my earliest cards, in England, and a keeper

story line -- another very early card, with thanks to Kathy, across the road
Jean's jeans -- I love laundry lines. Thank goodness there is more than one to enjoy. I also love Jean whom I have known for over 50 years.

deep in the woods -- from a slide I made while working on Counting on the Woods

natural web sight -- thank you, sun, for a short moment of help

duo daffodils -- spring!!

truck shot -- I felt great to come up with this title.....

"my best side" -- It's actually quite hard to get a hen to stay still and pose....

canoe view -- on Grayson Lake, a small miracle to see this bird high on a cliff and then get it sharp so that the open beak can be seen.  Never have been entirely sure, however, if it's a cormorant. It was by itself.

country crossing --  I love morning fog. Great light.
forest floor flowers (meehania) -- I have seen this ground covering only once in 40 years, down by the big waterfall. It lasts only a day or two. I long to see it again. I sell very few of these cards, but to me it is just as valuable as each of the others. How privileged I have been all these years.
                  So, best wishes to everyone while on your unique journey. You just never know.
                                               Thanks for sharing in part of mine.    Ann


  1. Haha.
    Just looking out my back yard at my own feathered friends.
    Loved `my best side'