Sunday, April 8, 2018

diverted again, this time by the creek!

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       Cold and snow were forecast for yesterday, despite the APRIL date.  Who would believe it! I am lucky that my photographing daughter, with T, almost 7, and the two dogs, reluctantly set out for the creek and the waterfalls. Yet, despite the cold, it turned out to be a magical adventure. I have never been down there right after a covering snow. So, thank you, family, for sharing your winter wonderland via these photos. Good job!

headed down to the first crossing of the creek

amazing to have these colors to cross over

communing with a fallen tree

Murry standing out....

Is this magic, or what!

turkey track, one of several in the area

the top of the first waterfall, framed by rhododendron limbs

checking on the fairy pile

This is my favorite of her photos, at the top of the first waterfall. There would have been no snow to see had they not gone down until the afternoon. Again, thank you, thank you. This is what a swamp is not.....



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    1. Thanks -- I think. Wow that I got it done? that R took such good photos? that the place was beautiful with spring-Kled snow? Stories within stories.

  2. The photo of the colors in the creek looks like it might have been made from the ISS. Really. Wow from me too!

  3. Gotcha now, I will tell R tomorrow to be sure to read these comments..Thanks!