Sunday, December 5, 2010

too many words last time

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     So this week it's bullets all the way!  
  • First, I have always meant to recommend Google Reader as a way to keep up with whatever blogs you follow.  Remember, if I could figure out how to set it up, anyone else can as well.  Google Reader makes blog reading easier, i.e. less time consuming and more fun.
story line
  • Struggles with computers, printers, schlepping equipment around, making money by photography, etc., are less fun. 
Appalachian autumn
  • True confession:  I am not Photoshop inclined.  I use Adobe Elements for resizing and occasional cropping and cleaning up, and I am slowly learning Lightroom.  So far that has mostly been enough, though this approach could change as I go along.  In any case, I'll always prefer trying to get it right at the moment I take the photo. 
that same day, nearby
  • I appreciate the comments I have received on my posts!  If I don't let you know that directly, it is either because I am trying to be very disciplined about my work (see bullet #2 above) or because I don't have your email address, which doesn't appear with the comment.  If you decide to comment, just click on Comments at the end of the post.  Then, when you are asked to choose an identity and don't have one of the accounts, just use Anonymous.
  • Thanks again for sharing this blog with me, Ann

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