Sunday, December 19, 2010


blog #12
     Don't wanna share snow photos -- which are hard to get right anyway.  Could show just Cold or simply Slippery.  No fair posting a beach photo.  Really want something that celebrates simplicity and the wonder of this season.  
     These thoughts have given me the idea of posting a group photo from a year ago -- of friends and families during our annual White Elephant party, which includes a multi-generational discussion of a monetary gift to a non-profit we agree on.  I have found that it helps such a photo if the photographer is not afraid to make a fool of herself, both with some verbal repartee and/or by standing on a chair or some such thing.  
      We tried later to figure out if there was a way to Photoshop two late arrivals plus me into the image.  At least for me, everyone knows I was there!  Duh!  Also, I could have done the using-a-remote thing, BUT, with that many people, I get better overall results by cheering them on from behind the camera.  

       Actually, I am really opposed to changing any part of the record of any such event.  I love that here all four generations of us are randomly mixed and matched.  This year, schedules interfere with gathering so many of us together, so I want to say again that as a photographer and as a group member, I am forever grateful to each person there for your cooperation and tolerance last year!  This photo makes me happy.
     I hope everyone reading this is having a safe and sane holiday season with some simple time reserved for being with loved ones.  All best wishes -- Ann

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  1. having so much fun seeing all the photos from years past when I had not yet started following the blog. your photos are captivating. And for those of us who know the folks in some photos-it is a delight to see them included in your work! Charlene W