Sunday, December 26, 2010

big snow coming, family time, internet use at the Lady Killigrew

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      I hope everyone has been having some winter happiness!  This is being written from Massachusetts, where there was hardly any snow, unlike Kentucky where we were having plenty of the stuff.  However, a true New England nor'easter is now upon us, so things are in better balance....
      What strikes me today to comment on is a problem that is not really a problem in the big scale of things.  How does a photographer handle taking a simple snapshot that is not anything marvelous photographically but could be shared with a friend or family – and what if such a noteworthy but so-so photograph were to get out and seen by someone who’d say “so she thinks she’s a photographer?!?!”  I haven’t talked about this with other professional photographers but would be interested in how they handle this reality.  Needless to say, I do share all kinds of photos, if I feel someone else would enjoy them, even ones that are not “my personal best,” all the while repeating to myself what a friend once said: “life is short and getting shorter.”  I have even done it on this blog.  But -- true confession -- I hesitate every time before I do it.

dry spell


       As for today’s photos, they are two of my favorites from 2010, one on our place, and one of our granddaughter.  So, until next week, in Kentucky by then, and I'm looking forward to 2011 with its cantankerous Congress, strange weather and days getting longer, even ones with snow!  May we all not falter in our efforts for a better, kinder world.   Ann

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