Sunday, February 27, 2011

a skill set on the way to sausage - and I'm not talking about the Oscars

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      The month Obama was elected, my neighbor, Phillip, alerted me, per my request, that he and his family would be killing one of their hogs.  Fine by him if I wanted to take some photos.  I was eager to record the event, which doesn't happen all that often any more, though Phillip kills more than one hog every year, sharing the meat with members of his family who in turn help out.
      The main thing to remember is that the chosen doing-the-deed day was bitterly cold, good for the meat but finger freezing cold for me and for my camera battery.  That's why I only made it through the skinning and hanging parts.  Maybe by November 2011 I will have warmed up enough to be able to record the next and longer part of the process.
getting ready to start

leading the hogs with the feed bucket
cousins, checking the kill
preparing for hanging

cutting off the skin
Phillip working with his son

weighing the skin, newly removed -- 50 pounds!
      I also want to give the link HERE for a lively and passionate opinion piece, again about mountaintop removal mining, written this time by writer George Ella Lyon and  printed in Wednesday's Lexington Herald-Leader.  It's a very good read!   Bravo, my friend, and thank you.

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