Sunday, February 6, 2011

some favorites

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     This week I am preparing a power point format with my photos to show during Friday's stint as a visiting artist during a class at our local university.  My approach to taking photos of my neighbors can then be compared to other artists, such as Shelby Lee Adams, whose portraits from eastern Kentucky are stark, posed, and unique.  No one else does it like he does.  No question, he is truly skilled with his camera.  I know that he's an artist whose strong connection to his subjects is part of what makes his art work, even though it is hard to look at those images when we who live here have to deal so often away from here with being misrepresented.  Art vs politics.
      Anyway, as I review which photos to use on Friday, here are some to share now.

tobacco rows

mule team, their last summer of cultivating tobacco, 2009


       Usually if I take a photo it is because of the way the light is -- or because a way of life is disappearing.  Or I am with neighbors and am interested in what is happening there.  

Appalachian spring


storm coming on Mauk Ridge

feathers and threads -- which are matching!
    And then there is the trusty black walnut tree on the south side of our home, which shares  so many facets of itself over the course of each year.

really black walnuts

    I will never be from here, but I am fortunate to live in a place I love and that I continue to learn about, often through doing this photography.   Ann

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  1. Interesting that you bring up Shelby Lee Adams. I just bought "The True Meaning of Pictures" on sale at our local video store. I would like to read more about your views Adams'-type controversy.