Sunday, May 8, 2011

the day after the Derby - post #34

           No bluegrass here, and neither horses nor Derby, but we do have some Wild Turkey on hand!
      Today I have promised a few photos from the Kentucky Women Photographer's network meeting/outing Sunday 4/17 in Franklin County (near Frankfort).  Each member provides different skills and interests -- for example, Mary likes any hands-on photo process, Melissa knows her computer stuff, Libby is a poet as well as a photographer, I am centered on Appalachia, etc.   Here are a few photos, more next week.
Melissa shows Ann, Mary, and Dobree in action.  We were at Dobree's farm.
      Mary says about the box she's trying out that "basically I’m shooting a digital camera through the view finder of an old twin lens camera…it makes for a different perspective..."  She caught me in my "making like a tripod" position.

Melissa shares another of the places we walked to and another photo skill!        

Mary sees the llama through the inside of the box.
I'm adding my llama photo in honor of Mother's Day today....but which one is the mother??
Me again, this time looking up the wooded hillside.  I'll have some more photos from this outing next week.
     Last but not least, there's happy news to report: our daughter's baby finally decided to come out and see the world!  WELCOME to THEA FIONA, born May 3, 2011!!

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