Sunday, May 1, 2011

re-imaging the day's offering

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      Something has happened to the day, as in "disappeared," so I am postponing the photos from our Kentucky Women Photography Network day until next weekend with hopes of receiving a few more images by then.  In any case, I wanted to tell that the photo here is what I plan to submit tomorrow for the UK Appalachian Center's Re-imaging Appalachia contest.  (For clarity's sake, that is UK as in University of Kentucky and not UK as in wedding mania.)  Thank you to those who shared your preferences after Thursday's blog request!

hills with hay rows, northeastern Kentucky
     Here is an additional photo that I meant to include Thursday as a contest choice.  It was taken in July 2009 close to the above photo's location, only one shot, since we were in a hurry, but the light was compelling.   I call it scanned by sun.

     The view is from the home of some nearby friends.  They enjoy some fine sunsets!  Perhaps I am drawn to sharing this sunny photo today also because of all the rain we have been having. 
      But today is the first of May, so in honor of the day, here is a mayapple in bloom.  As a child in Connecticut, I grew up on Mayapple Road, but I never knew what a mayapple actually looked like until moving to eastern Kentucky -- I had made the assumption they were early blooming apple trees.  (This is always an embarrassing tale to tell.)    

       I can't help ending on a happy personal note -- around here we are busy waiting for another grandbaby to arrive.  When I call anyone these days, I have to announce myself by saying "This-is-Ann-no-baby-yet."  Luckily there are no problems; both mom and babe seem very fine.

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