Sunday, January 22, 2012

sharing photos with photographer friends

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       No snow here to speak of yet. Or to show.  Every year I am determined to learn how to make photos that get the texture of the snow right and get the colors right, but snow is tricky.  This year I did take a photo in my son's yard over Christmas, focusing on the pink flamingo and its shadow.  It turns out the snow that is in the sun looks pretty good -- for me.  Maybe that is all the chance to try that I will get this year! 
      By the way, I am fascinated by shadows.  I suspect it has something to do with their being one of the wonders that light creates.  (note: my self-portrait in post #66....)

     Recently the person who helped me so much 14 years ago when I started out on the work for Counting on the Woods emailed me some of his current work.  J. Michael Phelps, whom I call Chad, the husband of a close friend of mine, told me then which slide film to use, which tripod to get, and some other basics.  So it has been a treat to see what he is doing now and interesting to realize what I see about his work now that I couldn't see then....  
      I'm sharing two of Chad's photos here today along with the info he sent me about one of them in response to my questions.

from Chad's email: "The "stars" are created by the leaves of the shutter. ( same as a "sunstar" but are the REFLECTIONS ) One must stop down to ~ f/22 to obtain this image. Try it !! Sometimes the "star" is better if the sun is partially obscured by something; a branch etc. The problem that often arises when trying this is FLARE. Some lens are better than others in reducing the flare. Zoom lenses are the worst!! (and added filters increase the flare)"

     Chad is particularly interested in making panoramas.  And he is "drawn to water".  I like the feeling this photo gives that it is the roots that are holding the dunes in place. (note: Chad always uses a tripod, and he makes his panoramas using Photoshop C5.Thanks, Chad, for all I have learned from you.

      One last photo for today, from me, made when we did have a bit of snow earlier this month.  It put me in mind of a feast enjoyed on a white tablecloth!  Sorry to have missed being there in time. 

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