Monday, October 15, 2012

FALL BREAKING -- starting with the "driveway moments"

post #107,  a day late, but the leaves are even better this Monday morning

      Every day around here has new beauties. In this season of color it feels right to start with some "driveway moments," photos taken on that quarter mile road last week and also just this morning on the way back from getting the mail. 

coming home last week

seeing the neighbor arrive --  after I had started on my walk Saturday eveningNext week I plan to share the photos from the rest of the walk.

walking back with today's mail

getting closer to the house

by the side of the road, a late bloomer, like me

from the middle of our land (where I am standing next to the flower), looking to the west side of our property -- hardly any flat land anywhere....

       I seem to have visitors to this blog from many places in the world, so I am sharing these photos today especially for them.  I promised last time I would have cardinal fledglings and a flicker duet today, but I am still waiting to get more information about the flickers.  Stay tuned.  Here are the cardinals, however, with a recent fledgling being fed on our wet deck.  

       This has been the most amazing year for witnessing fledglings.  I have tried to share many of these events on this blog.  All summer long, on a busy day, I became almost unwilling to look out the window because I didn't have the time to watch the young birds learning how to make it in a ruthless world -- but how could I not not want to watch and to make photos!

       A shout out and thank you to the West Liberty photo group who came here Saturday morning to take photos and see my corner of their neighboring county!  I enjoyed the company very much.  I hope a return visit will be possible in April.  There should be plenty of water over the waterfalls by then.  Not to see any water is disappointing, but not to hear any water is downright strange.

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