Sunday, October 21, 2012

just a walk on the west side

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     This cardinal photo goes with the two others I shared last week.  Every parent can relate:


    But what I had planned for tonight is to share some photos from a recent walk on the west side -- of our place.  This weekend is actually the peak of color for our area, but since I am away from home, this is what I have to offer:

 from where I started, looking back at the neighbor's truck headed to the house

the tractor path through what used to be Faye's garden, on the north side of our place, on the way to the west side

goldenrod and Queen Anne's lace

looking to the east from the ridge on the west side, along the Ashland Oil Pipeline that they keep clear

our fire trail along the west side, along the western edge of our property

ground work....

the neighbor's fence line and field

and horse

Our wood piles are drying while waiting to be picked up.
more wood piles on the trail

in the forest -- looks like a creamy omelet to me!

maple leaves, showing off
       Have you heard me say before that it takes work to make a place look as good as our does?  Kudos to my husband who does all the keeping up with the land we have and love.
       Next week, I promise flicker photos even if I am still researching the meaning of their actions!!

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  1. Beautiful fall pics, I love the story of the Flickers conflict, hope they get things worked out.