Sunday, October 7, 2012

links, corrections, horses, and windshield art!!

post #106, starting with the three corrections, all from the West Liberty post:

Last week I couldn't find this photo that I had wanted to include when I wrote about West Liberty.  I had used my iPhone to make this view from the parking lot I was in; the Community Artists tent was behind me.  The backs of these buildings include the justice center, on the left, and the bank, on the right.  But the show must and did go on!! 

One of the artists there is Tami Booher. In this photo, her art is hanging outside the community tent while she does some face painting. 
          She and I figured out that I had misidentified the artist of the turkey painting that I like so much and showed in post #103.  Tami painted it!  Here is another photo of the barn with panel; I made the correction on the earlier post.

   The third correction is that the several big panels that were hanging in West Liberty were done by students!  I read about it in the weekly newspaper.  Bravo again!  (One is included in post #103.)

      Now two links.  I guess these could be connected to POLITICS.  The first link is to a column by Charles Blow, from the New York Times: Charles Blow's Don't Mess with Big Bird.  So personal and so well written.  
     The other link just arrived today in an email, and it has to do with the on-going effort to provide clean water for people who actually live in Appalachia and who have been paying a high price for rogue coal removal methods.  However, since we all live downstream, this is important news for our common future.  Here is the link: KFTC - water protection progress!!

     Now for some snaps with my point and shoot, since, sorry to say, I don't always have my Canon with me....   Anyway, recently I found out who owns this house that I often photograph.  When I saw these horses by the road as I passed the house on my way home from town, I couldn't resist stopping.

I like the dappled mane that comes from shadows.  The burrs in their manes make me think they look like unicorns!
       I have saved the next photo for last.  I love it.  I had driven off with this creature on my windshield, and not having my Canon with me forced me to figure out how to do a macro shot with the point and shoot.  By the time I stopped and took one photo, my passenger decided to move on, so this is the only version.  I am glad I didn't give up before getting it. 

   Next week, some cardinal fledglings and some flickers.  Here's to random acts of wonder.

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