Saturday, October 27, 2012

the flicker duet photos

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      Our fall leaves are pretty much fallen.  With the weather system forecast for Monday and Tuesday, I suspect they will be all gone by the time I return to Kentucky.  Seems like a good time to share the amazing moments that happened on the well-visited black walnut tree that is close to our house.  October 7, 2012.  I am pretty sure from the general research I did that it is a territorial display, over a single tree.  Usually northern flickers are more solitary.  I haven't heard back from the bird blogger who I hoped would clarify this.
      The photos are in chronological order.  I continue to work on improving the color. Yet even though they had to be made through a glass sliding door, I am not complaining.  Enjoy. 

I  just happened to notice these two northern flickers circling the tree.  The birds in the first few shots are not focused as sharply as I would like; this first one I took shows how I was in haste because I didn't believe they would stay around like they ended up doing!

They return to going around and around the tree trunk.  One of my questions: was anything decided??

     These ten photos are part of a gallery I assembled with 22 of the 30 images I made that morning -- 8:46 a.m. to 8:53 a.m.  If you want to see the gallery, here is the link to my zenfolio site.  There are several good ones not included on the blog.  I feel privileged to have witnessed this duet, and grateful it was a cloudy day.  Any information anyone has about these flickers would be most welcome.  

      Next: I have another zenfolio gallery I have wanted to share.  This one is for those folks involved with the Appalachian Writers Workshop and the tribute that was done for Mike Mullins on July 29, 2012 at the Hindman Settlement School.  Here is the zenfolio link for it.  I took what few photos I did during that tribute in order to share them with any one who wanted to be there but couldn't.

       One last note: I am sending this out Saturday evening instead of the usual Sunday just in case some viewers do lose electricity during the storm that is currently threatening the east coast of the USA.   Please may everyone be safe.

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