Sunday, December 9, 2012

catching up with the present, after three weeks of reminiscing

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     Three weeks is a long time without showing any current work. Therefore, for today, here is a random collection of recent photos, each with its own story. 

A wasp nest, hanging above it all, looking lovely and being amazing.  The layering fascinates me as does all that evidence of teamwork.  I was enjoying the evening light on the hilltop where the cemetery is.

Another moon view, and I got the craters in focus again.  This time I set it through branches.  

Ground pine reminds me of growing up in Connecticut.  There is little else in the woods now as green  and prolific.  I had to find a patch without a lot of sun on it, so I took advantage of the shade of a tree trunk.  I made this photo with my iPhone while on a walk in our woods.

A photographer friend in Lexington, Betty Hall, loaned me a card rack to use at the Appalachian Arts and Crafts Fair a week ago.  I discovered she had been cultivating SNAKE GOURDS over the summer, and they are now hanging and drying, getting ready to be objets d'art!  She grows native plants, and she blogs about butterflies and nature on Betty's Backyard Blog.  Bravo, Betty, and thanks!

                      My husband took this photo of me at the Fair, with his iPad.  Betty's rack is visible at the back of the booth, on the left.   The day was hard work, but it sure is fun to see so many people and hear reactions to my work.  Thank you, Sandy and Jean, for staying a while to help out in the middle of the day!
       Here are two last images, made on a recent windy day (duh!) at Jean's house.  I have been known to call such a photo Jean's jeans, but this day I ended up first standing at one end of the line of clothes, and then I stood looking from the opposite direction.  It was pretty clear which way the wind was blowing, so to speak, but I was mainly trying to keep my shadow out of the image.

I favor this view, and the echo of Jean's line with the edge of the field behind.  I will be making one of my photo note cards from this one and giving it the title uplifting.

      Thanks so much for visiting -- Ann 

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