Sunday, December 23, 2012

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       Keeping it simple today, thinking of the world with all its variety and machinations, while I continue to try to figure out how people can all get along and how the planet can let us see clearly what we need to do.  I guess the answers are not so simple, actually.  But I am currently with family in Massachusetts, enjoying grandchildren, exchanging minimal presents, eating well and all together, seeing two of my sisters as well as other family, and being grateful.  It is a privilege to be thinking about other peoples in this world in addition to the ones near me, and about the planet we share while I am happy to be in this one place.  I do realize that thinking by itself does not do much, but visualizing the possibilities of change can be strengthening for our collective hearts.
        I give a special shout-out to the loyal readers of this blog, whoever you may be, and where ever you are.  Thank you!  Here are three photos in honor of this season and of this time of gatherings.  

I have always thought this stump a place of elegant feasting, even if it be in the forest.

This photo of friends, from three years ago, continues to amaze me.  Once again, I thank each one for being willing to put up with what it takes to get such a good group photo  -- which mostly means that each one did his or her part for the good of the group.  This year's holiday gathering will be smaller, since many of us will not able to be there.  I am so glad we made the time and effort for this photo when we had the chance to do so.

Warm holiday greetings from this "well red" cardinal -- and from me, Ann


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