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photos of Indonesia, part 3, with guest photographers

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     I am happy to be able to share some photos of Indonesia by my neighbor, Chris Garris, who visited there in August, 2011.  He is an excellent photographer!  Chris currently lives and teaches in Saudi Arabia  -- and travels when he can.  Since the images my husband and I took there were made over 40 years ago, I thought it would be fun to see some current views of the place.  However, I will start with two photos taken by Carolyn during her recent visit to Indonesia -- last month! (see post #113)  Thanks, Chris and Carolyn, for letting me use your work.

    First, last month's view, at Borobudur.  Carolyn didn't take the first photo -- she is in it -- but it shows the sarongs that everyone is required to wear while visiting Borobudur.  Carolyn says there are now two luxury hotels nearby!  (As for us, back in the dark ages, we arrived there after riding a crowded bus to Mundelan.   "and then [from Frank, in our journal] hitched a ride the last 9 km with a Chinese and his kids from Suribaya.  We walked all over the edifice.  I was glad to have read bits from Claire Holt's Art in Indonesia [while we stayed earlier with friends of friends.]  Beautiful views from all sides of mountains and plains, planting goes all the way up to the nearby mountains.")

Borobudur, in 2012, now refurbished from when we were there in 1971
Thank you, Carolyn! It seems none of the rest of us had managed to catch this important view!

Borobudur, by Chris, in 2011, a view of the stupas that are part of Buddhist shrines, without any tourists in the view.

Chris says these fellows were very curious about strangers and tagged along for hours.

Indonesia has many variations of curious souls.  I really like this excellent photo Chris made, with its green shadings throughout the image.  I believe this is a long-tailed macaque?

By Chris: rice paddies.  In Bali?

Chris calls this photo Ancient Serenity.  I think it's a great title for this fine photo.

      It is also possible to see many, many images of Borobudur on GOOGLE IMAGES.  Very interesting to see them all.  However, I prefer showing photos made when I know the story that goes with them.  I may be adding a couple of photos to this post -- I asked Chris at the last minute if he had one or two favorites he wanted to share, and I hope he is willing to do so.  .... And now (Monday) Chris has sent two favorite photos -- thanks so much!

Raise Your Flag, by Chris, who adds "it turned out better than I could have hoped - I was snapping these kids candidly and somewhat slyly, because they were being a little sheepish. It was sunrise looking over Mt. Merapi at Borobudur."

Again, in Chris's words: "Nothing Left For Us Here is one of my favorites - perhaps from any location.  I'm a big fan of human and animal silhouettes, as well as dramatic shadows...they all came together in that shot, I think."
I am adding this second version that I tried to lighten, because on my laptop the first version is too dark.  On my desktop it looks just fine.  But it is not my photo, so this is an experiment which Chris and I will communicate about from opposite sides if the world! I suspect he doesn't mind the darker look, more like it was at the time he was seeing it, and the image looks fine on his computer.
        Please remember that if you click on any photo, they all become viewable in a larger size, at the bottom of the screen, waiting for another click.  Did you know that life is just a click away??   Go for it!

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