Sunday, December 30, 2012

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       The sun is shining!  So what am I doing inside??  For one thing, I am settling in at home after eight days away.  For another, now that we don't have to be driving long distances, I am getting used to enjoying the snow we've finally had here in eastern Kentucky.   
      Snow is hard for the photographer me.  I am rarely satisfied with the color seen in my photos of snow, so it is tempting to change everything to black and white.  But I don't do that often -- which translates to "I don't do it particularly well."  
       However, I woke up yesterday totally thrilled by the view from my window.  Snow had arrived during the night, and it was still snowing.  I decided to jump up and take photos from windows while the light stayed wonderful and the snow had not yet blown off the branches.  And now I can try these photos out on this blog -- and learn from them.  Four of them are shown with my version of black and white.

looking east, from upstairs, the view from my window

looking north, from downstairs

the other bedroom, upstairs, bird and barn

same barn, from a different room

standing and staring, on the stairs upstairs, showing the stairs outside

front door, our stone steps

looking up toward the driveway

The woods in the background are also in the next photo.

traveling through

                   Now, in honor of the current American political crisis, here is an eastern Kentucky

May your 2013 be filled with wonders.      Ann


  1. Happy New Year Ann! I like your snow pictures - especially the window frame one with the stairs behind it.

  2. So envious of the snow. Enjoy it.

    The "down under the cliffs" shot makes me miss home a teensy bit more.

    Happy New Year.